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  • The Divine in the Ridiculous


    The people of Israel marching around the city of Jericho are an example of faith in God even when it seems ridiculous to believe.

  • Faith is for Groups

    red sea

    The people of Israel crossing through the Red Sea are an example of how faith is for groups too.

  • Living in Anticipation

    A sermon about how Moses is an example of faith.

    Moses is an example of faith to us because he lived in anticipation of reward from and with God. 

  • Protecting God's Holy Ones

    A sermon about Moses' parents as an example of faith.

    Moses' parents are examples of faith to us because they protected God's chosen servant. 

  • Beyond Our Control

    A sermon about trusting God with things beyond our control

    Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph are examples of faith to us because they trusted God with things beyond their control. 

  • Sacrifice the Promise


    Abraham is an example of faith to us because he trusted God even when it seemed doing so would make what had been promised become impossible. 

  • Dessert at Home

    dessert cupcake

    Jesus' followers can say no to the immediate gratification of this world knowing that something better is waiting at home in Heaven.

  • Missing Jesus


    We, who follow Jesus, need to watch carefuly in order to not miss what Jesus wants to do in our lives and in our time.

  • Can You Stand for Jesus?


    Can you stand amongst a culture where everybody is bowing down?

  • If We Love Jesus

    straight road

    If we love Jesus we'll do what it takes to do what He said.

    A video was shown at the beginning of this sermon.  You can watch it here:

  • Co-Opting Jesus

    forked tree

    It's important for followers of Jesus to be self-aware so we don't co-opt Jesus teachings and ways for our own personal comfort.