Join us Sundays at 10:30am - 3307 Wishart Road.
  • See the Crowds

    A sermon about the need for workers to bring in God's harvest

    Let us pray God thrusts labourers into His harvest.

  • Groan


    In a number of ways, groaning is part of the life of following Jesus.

  • Say What?

    Don't Treat Prophecy with Contempt

    Responding with contempt to what God might be speaking into our lives is no way to live in relationship with Him. 

  • Learn, Practice, Grow - The Lord's Prayer

    praying for you

    The Lord's prayer teaches us praying is something that can be learned and is a practice that we can grow in.

  • Deliver Us From Evil - The Lord's Prayer


    The Lord's prayer teaches us to remember there is evil in our world and our need to focus on God as our deliverer from it.

  • Lead Us Not Into Temptation - The Lord's Prayer


    The Lord's prayer teaches us to acknowledge our struggle with temptation.

  • Forgive us Our Debts as We Forgive - The Lord's Prayer


    The Lord's prayer teaches us to face the need and issues of forgiveness at ground zero: our relationship with God.

  • Give Us Today Our Daily Bread - The Lord's Prayer


    The Lord's prayer teaches us to pray to God about the everyday, common things of life.

  • Our Father Who Is in Heaven - The Lord's Prayer


    Living a Christian life while at the same time using our brokenness and pain as an excuse to not be closer to our Heavenly Father is another form of hypocrisy and religious performance Jesus wants us to be free off.

  • A Substitute Way of Life - The Lord's Prayer


    The Lord's prayer, in Matthew chapter 6, is Jesus' substitute for hypocrisy and religious performance.

  • Hallowed Be Your Name - The Lord's Prayer

    mouth zipped

    The Lord's prayer teaches us that God's name shoud be treated as holy. Just as our names are important to us because they are who we are, so to are the names of God.

  • Hate Your Enemies: You have heard that it was said

    enemy rose

    Jesus clarifies what God's desire is for our hearts in regard to our enemies.

  • Praying Wife Abusers

    orange-smokeDoes God hear the prayers of men who abuse their wives? Listen to find out.

    Listen Online:

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