Join us Sundays at 10:30am - 3307 Wishart Road.

thanksOn Wednesday night (January 18th) at 7:00pm, Westside leaders will be hosting a town hall style meeting. This is an opportunity for Westsiders to bring any questions or comments they may have regarding the agenda and business of the upcoming Annual General Meeting (Wednesday, February 1).

The goal of the town hall meeting is twofold. First of all, each question, concern, and idea that can be clarified and settled that evening will allow for a smoother progression through the business of our official meeting on February 1.

Secondly, any questions or concerns that cannot be clarified or settled at the town hall may then be given an appropriate place on the agenda of the AGM or at a business meeting to be called at a later date. This too will allow our AGM to be effective in it's use of time and keep the meeting to a reasonable length.