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reminderThank you to the ladies of the Wednesday morning Bible study group for supplying wonderful baskets of goodies for our church members who are shut-ins.

I dropped off a large basket of goodies to Evelyn Ford at Gorge Hospital, and she was more than delighted, not so much for the cookies, but that she was remembered. We shared tea and a cookie (who made those amazing almond bars?) We shared laughter, and I told her stories of my family. She loves company. It brings her joy in the midst of a very boring existence of lying motionless in bed, alone except for the care aids who work amazingly hard.

I would like to encourage any one who has a few minutes to spare to pop in and visit Evelyn, or any of our brothers or sisters in Christ that are bedridden or unable to get around on there own. There is no need to stay long. Just pop in with a "hi" and a story from home or life. These members of our church family need to know that they are not forgotten.

Barbara Sibbald