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secret stranger sunday

Thank-you to everyone who took part in today's Secret Stranger Sunday. Also, thanks to all the churches who ministered to Westside's Secret Strangers - maybe your church was one of them!

For those wondering about the meaning of all of this, we cancelled this morning's service so everybody could have the opportunity to be a stranger/visitor in another church. Afterwards, we bag-lunched it back at Westside and shared and discussed our experiences.

The goal of this exercise was to learn how we can better help people to have the best first-time encounter when visiting us and everybody's observations and ideas were really helpful. We all left with a refreshed perspective about the important role each of us plays in the experiences of our visitors.

We know not every Secret Stranger made it back for the discussion, and if that is you we're still looking forward to hearing what your morning and take away was like. Contact Pastor Tim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a Secret Stranger coffee follow-up.