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Westside Bible Church celebrated its first Hobby Fair last Saturday. Five people shared their hobbies with others. All of the artists went out of their way to share their precious hobby with others. They purchased supplies, organized the lesson and patiently guided people through the afternoon.

Downstairs, Karina Buikema and Martha McGachie had the tables lined with the ingredients for making several kinds of sushi. Karina and Martha lived in Japan for many years so their expert knowledge of this delicious food craft provided women of Westside an authentic cooking lesson.

Norma Millar makes exquisite greeting cards. She patiently shared this delicate craft with other women during the afternoon. Six equally patient women worked with . . .

After many months of planning, repair, re-repair and frustration, our front lighted sign has been repaired. Sometime during the first couple of days in November, 2004, somebody tossed a fair size "Colwood Potato" (rock) through the plexiglass on our sign. Not only was this a pain, but it was also especially disappointing since it had only been about 6 to 12 months since Ralph L. had personally repaired the sign with all new plastic and letter zip track strips. After some delay in our getting the project going, Nathan S. and Pastor Tim removed the old, broken plastic and took it to Mark R.'s shop in Mill Bay to see what, if anything, could be salvaged. Once it was determined that all new materials were going to be needed, everything was measured and ordered up and Mark manufactured the replacement sign.

The Lord is Risen! Westside had it?s second Easter Sunday sunrise service today. While much of the greater Victoria area was experiencing rain, down at the Esquimalt Lagoon there was only . . .