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clothingexchange1Westside Bible Church's children's clothing exchange has closed.  Thanks to everyone who contributed their time, energy, and children's clothes to this minsitry.

hockeynightincanada.jpgMany of us know how the CBC recently lost their use of the traditional Hockey Night in Canada theme we have known for so many years. To overcome this, the CBC has launched a contest to find a new theme song. The composer who's work is chosen will be awarded $100,000.

Greg Vaughan, a great friend of our church, has entered a theme in the contest. Why not encourage Greg by giving his entry a listen and rating it if you like. You will find it by clicking here.

cardtroopersonshaw.jpgNorma Millar and Westside's cards for troops have been featured on Shaw TV's Daily show!

cardtroopersthumb.jpgThe Westside Card Troopers are a group of people who meet together to make Cards to be donated to overseas troops to send home to loved ones and friends at Christmastime.

Lead by Norma Millar, the card troopers have just completed over 650 cards which will

SATURDAY, June 21, 10-1 - (set up at 9am) (rainout date is June 28)

This is an opportunity for kids (and their families) to raise money to send the Thompson kids to help the kids in Chile.

What to sell: toys, books, puzzles, games, etc anything that would appeal to kids. Whatever you bring and doesn't sell MUST go back home with you.

Pricing: Please price your own items with individual tags, in bags, have a sign on a box, etc. in increments of 25 cents (you can combine smaller