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British Columbia's new ban on the use of cellphones and other electronic devices while driving is now in effect.

Save your money and more importantly save your life - or someone else's - by being informed.

Complete details on the ban - including how it applies to drivers in the Graduated Licensing Plan (GLP) - can be read on the provincial government website.

From time to time we have sent out updates on the status of Westside's YTD offering situation just before the last Sunday of the month.

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of October, but our update information is from the end of September. As of the end of September our total general offerings were $81,022.69. To keep up with our budget for this year that figure needed to be $86,310.00 - a shortfall of $5,287.31.

As we head into the last two months of the year, let's pray and endeavour to overcome what we are behind while still keeping up with what is need in the remaining months.

As you will see from the more detailed financial update that you can download by  clicking here , our spending is on track with what we budgeted which highlights that much more the need to keep up with the spending plans we made as a church during the budget development and approval process at the beginning of the year.

Of course overriding all of the above is the fact that our giving should be an act of sacrifice and worship to our God. Following through on His leading to give may be uncomfortable for us financially, emotionally, and materialistically in regard to our standard of living, but Jesus is worthy and deserving our our heartfelt and intentional devotion and offering of every part of us.

Let's give for the greatest and purest reason of all - the goodness of God and our heartfelt thankfulness to Him.

rainbowslogoRainbows (www.rainbows.ca) is an effective peer support program for children who live in single-parent families, step-families, or families in painful transition.

The program provides an opportunity for participants to meet new friends who have shared similar experiences. There are trained caring adults who help the children while they sort through and understand their grief. Rainbows helps the children come to a healthy acceptance of what has happened to their family. There is also a group for the parents to attend.

Westside's 2009 Summer Day Camp

It's been over for a week now, but people are still talking about how well this year's summer day camp went.

Once again we want to thank Krissy and her team for the awesome job they did in front of and behind the scenes putting together a fun week of singing, playing, eating and of course learning God's truth.

We also want to thank the many local businesses who donated supplies and money to help our camp be as lavish as it was:

  • Wal-Mart (Langford)
  • Canadian Tire (Langford)
  • Thrify Foods (Colwood Corners)
  • Market on Millstream
  • Mini-Price (Colwood)
  • Coast Capital Savings (Colwood)
  • Brown Bros. Agencies Ltd.
  • Accent Inn (Cloverdale Avenue)
  • Little Caesar's Pizza (Sooke Road)
  • Level Ground Trading
  • Boston Pizza (Langford)

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