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In a number of ways, groaning is part of the life of following Jesus.

A sermon about where we go when we die.

A soul-sleep in the grave or conscious with Jesus: where do we go when we die and await the resurrection? 

Don't Treat Prophecy with Contempt

Responding with contempt to what God might be speaking into our lives is no way to live in relationship with Him. 

praying for you

The Lord's prayer teaches us praying is something that can be learned and is a practice that we can grow in.


The Lord's prayer teaches us to remember there is evil in our world and our need to focus on God as our deliverer from it.


christmasmangerA collection of Christmas messages preached at Westside Bible Church over the years.

Sermons about the Ten Commandments.

2015 10 11 10.16.17Sermons about thanksgiving and for Thanksgiving.