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Jesus' followers can say no to the immediate gratification of this world knowing that something better is waiting at home in Heaven.

A sermon about allegiance to Jesus because of the message of the resurrection

The truth of the resurrection of Jesus captures the allegiance of of His followers.

crown of thorns bible

Jesus said He would die and rise again - and did! Our celebration of and rejoicing in that calls us to cross the gulf we have created between us and the world.


We, who follow Jesus, need to watch carefuly in order to not miss what Jesus wants to do in our lives and in our time.

A sermon about Abraham and Sarah - examples of faith

Sarah and Abraham are an example of faith because their consideration of God's faithfulness suspended their disbelief. 


christmasmangerA collection of Christmas messages preached at Westside Bible Church over the years.

Sermons about the Ten Commandments.

2015 10 11 10.16.17Sermons about thanksgiving and for Thanksgiving.