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Have you signed up for your free Right Now Media membership?

If you are part of the Westside Bible Church family, you and each person in your household are eligible for a free account.  You can sign up right now at www.rightnow.org/account/invite/WestsideBibleChurch

If you've already signed up, you can start watching videos by going to www.rightnow.org/Media

Right Now Media is a tool to help us build you and our church up through excellent video resources made available through a "NetFlix-like" interface.  However, unlike NetFlix, individuals in the church do not have to pay for their access.  Instead, everyone enjoys the same access to a vast variety of material and programming through Westside's one paid account.

For even more info (or perhaps an even better description than above) check out the following YouTube video.


Visiting and being new to a place presents itself with various challenges. We hope the information below will help answer any questions you have.  If it doesn't, please ask your question and we'll do our best to answer it too.