Join us Sundays at 10:30am - 3307 Wishart Road.

A Place For Me?A grade school sports field. The department you've been transferred to at work. The neighbourhood you just moved into. A church you are checking out on the web. What do all these places have in common? A question you have asked your whole life: "Is there a place for me?"

The answer at Westside Bible Church: "Yes!"

At Westside you'll never have to worry about being picked last for a team. We don't view church life as a competition. It's a place to help each other grow, not an arena where only the cool people benefit the most.

When people come to Westside, we don't worry about what they are going to take away from us. Instead, we are excited to wonder how they will change our life for the good (just as we wonder how we will change theirs for the good too).

Westside is a community of people who love Jesus and want to become and get all the good things God intends for us to be and have.

Whether you are visiting our site because you have just moved across town, across the country, or because life has reached the point where you need a positive change, please know there is a place for you at Westside.

We hope you will visit one of our gatherings. We are very easy to find. If you do, don't bring any money and don't bother dressing up in your best, fanciest clothes. Be our guest and see for yourself if this is a place for you.