our team

At Westside we have a small but a very vibrant team that consist of a Pastor and two Elders. All decision that we make are in tune with God's leading for His Congregation at Westside.

Craig Pastor
Dave Elder
Jarek Elder

Pastor's Bio

I was born into a Christian home and so heard the gospel preached and shared from a very young age. As such, I don’t remember when I first heard the gospel however I do remember when God began a work in my life to bring to me to repentance.

When I was about 12 years old I had the first understanding that I was a sinner who had sinned against a holy God. I remember being terrified that I was going to go to hell. I cried out to God to save me. While I do believe that God began a work in me at that time, I don’t believe that I had a full or real understanding of what it meant to submit my life to Christ or even a true understanding of the gospel. That took many more years as I habitually slipped back into patterns of sin and rebellion against God. I would then repent of them before falling back into them again. Thankfully God never gave up on me. (I praise God for that!) He patiently drew me to himself and finally broke my heart of my own sin and selfishness. I learned that repentance is so much more than saying sorry, I needed to stop that sinful behavior as well. It was a slow painful process however God in his sovereign grace drew me to himself and I praise his name that he did.

In 2012 I finally answered God’s call on my life to go into pastoral ministry and I enrolled in seminary. In 2018 I graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity degree. In June of 2018, I was privileged to be called to be the pastor at Westside Bible Church.

I’ve been married for 14 years to the most incredible woman on earth and God has blessed us with 5 amazing children. God is a faithful God and we’re excited about what the future may hold.